Up until October 2nd 2011, the idea that we might one day be watching new episodes of Arrested Development seemed about as likely as Tobias and Lindsay making sweet sweet love. Despite the cult that had grown around the show in the years since it was cancelled—and despite the casts' constant chatter about the "movie"—new Arrested Development seemed as likely as a new My Bloody Valentine record. Of course, we know how that turned out: we got a new MBV album, and starting at 3 a.m. EST/12 p.m. PST Sunday, new episodes of Arrested Development.

Some logistical details: there are 15 new episodes, all of which will be available on Netflix later tonight. Each episode focuses on a different member of the nine core members of the Bluth family (some characters, such as Michael, get two episodes). Some episodes, including Lucille's, will run over 30 minutes—altogether, the 15 episodes total about 8 hours of new footage. Creator Mitch Hurwitz strongly advises that you don't binge-watch the whole thing in one sitting (but it'd understandable if you do—some people are even going to liveblog their binge).

Here's our plea: try not to tweet out every funny quote. Try to reserve your judgment on the whole thing until you watch all 15 episodes. Go ahead and watch the whole season twice before you start bashing the internet hype machine for ruining the experience for you. Try to be mindful of the fact not everyone is going to watch the whole season on Sunday. Vine yourself doing a chicken dance if you need some sort of outlet.

All the 'Arrested Development' "Chicken" Dances from Flavorwire on Vimeo.

Having said that, we're sure we'll have some thoughts in the next couple days as well, so there'll be a safe space for everyone to bitch and moan about too many recurring jokes or too few callbacks or whatever it is you want to complain about. In the meantime, to get you further pumped for tonight, check out our AD link roundup below: