We knew the Emmys would be terrible (even Pat Kiernan says, "They weren’t funny—Jane Lynch wasn’t funny. And the voiceover guy was really not funny.") yet we still watched. Obviously, we suffering from some sort of Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Stockholm Syndrome, but at least there were these moments:

  • When all the nominees for Best Actress in a comedy took to the stage and seemed to show a lot of true solidarity and support for each other—the winner was Mike and Molly's Melissa McCarthy, who we've adored since Gilmore Girls.
  • Kyle Chandler winning Best Actor in a drama for Friday Night Lights: "Clear eyes, full hearts." Also, Jason Katims won an Emmy for writing the show's series finale.
  • Julian Fellowes winning for Best Writing in a Mini-series or TV Movie and Best Mini-series or TV Movie for Downton Abbey: Long live, Angophilia.
  • Kate Winslet—her dress, her sense of humor, her excitement at winning the Best Actress in a Mini-series or TV Movie for Mildred Pierce. Get her on Broadway so she can complete her EGOT.
  • The montages for the Best Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Series, notably The Daily Show's device of having its writers mug for the camera as Michele Bachmann-on-Newsweek's-cover.
  • 2011_09_emmys7.jpg
  • Peter Dinklage, with sun-kissed hair, thanking his dog-sitter, after winning Best Supporting Actor in a Drama for his role on Game of Thrones.

Some problems with the Emmys: Modern Family is hilarious, but we get that the Academy likes it—how about sharing the love to Parks & Recreation. Also, Mad Men again as Best Drama? There were some great episodes, but overall it was a pretty uneven season. The Emmys need some sort of Larroquette Rule—John Larroquette won four Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Emmys in a row for Night Court. Sure, he will forever be horndog ADA Dan Fielding in many of our collective memories, but FOUR EMMYS IN A ROW? Candice Bergen withdrew herself from the Best Actress Emmys-running after winning five awards for Murphy Brown. And let's not get into the whole Alec Baldwin thing.