bridgespot15.jpgOn Wednesday night some office workers in DUMBO spotted a cat precariously walking along a ledge on the Manhattan Bridge, specifically the section above the archway. The cat was said to have gotten there while chasing pigeons, but eventually found its way off the ledge and, presumably, to safety. It was believed the cat did not get onto the roadway, but the section under the roadway highlighted in this photo to the right. And that's the end of that story, right? Not so fast...

Today we got word that part of the bridge was being closed off to traffic in an effort to capture the cat. Bonny Tsang at the Department of Transportation confirmed that they are "assisting NYPD with lane closures for a potential rescue." Around 1 p.m. she noted: "We are closing a lane right now."

Sources told us two traps were set by the ACC, and the cat was rescued around 1:30 p.m. We'll update as more details come in, but the DoT has Tweeted out these photos of the cat and its rescuers:




UPDATE: Joyce Friedman of the Humane Society of the United States tells us, "I was alerted to the Gothamist story on the cat yesterday and I immediately contacted our colleagues at AC&C and NYPD. ACC responded to me by sending out Field Operations first thing this morning, working with DOT" to save the cat. She adds that there "are thousands of wonderful cats there for adoption, just like Bridge Cat might be soon"—check them out here.