Daniel Baldwin; Photo - WireImageOur favorite Baldwin brother is Daniel Baldwin (reasons: starred in Homicide; does not own annoying 'hip' restaurants; does not bother us with his political views; does not seem very boring; is the "fat" Baldwin), who is now going to star in a new cable series called "The Strange Detective". The show, according to the Hollywood Reporter, is about a "San Francisco detective who, during a car chase on the Golden Gate bridge, plunges into the ocean; he survives, but begins to experience 'rips in time,' having visions of events that have occurred in the places he visits, which are sometimes related to the cases he is working." Which makes us wonder about Baldwin's "cocaine psychosis" at the Plaza Hotel a couple years ago, where apparently the police found a "naked, bloodied, incoherent Baldwin 'acting irrationally'" with a porn film at full blast no less, and whether Baldwin experiences any rips in time from that experience.