Just as Harold Camping predicted, the Rapture arrived today "very, very quietly"—but it seems Camping left out the part where it left just as quietly, leaving no trace of it ever having been here to begin with. Yes, for the second time this year, Camping's doomsday prediction turned out to be a big tease. Barring any unforeseen cataclysmic global events, we think we can chalk this Judgment Day up as a bust. Somebody really needs to tell El Bloombito: "Los occupadoros at @OccupyWallStNYC should vamos out of el zuccotti parko por que Harold Camping dice el rapturo es coming! Cuidado!"

While our ears have been locked to our trusty ham radio all day, our eyes have been glued on Twitter—which is where we noticed Buzzfeed's "Rapture Regrets" hashtag. From perusing the hundreds of tweets, it seems a lot of people really regret not watching more television. Check out some of them here, and below check out all of our favorites: