A decade after leaving the airwaves, Seinfeld is coming back...as a bio-diesel fueled bus. Hitting a highway or parking lot near you this fall: The Seinfeld Campus Tour. They've mapped out about 10,000 miles, with the bus stopping at college campuses in an effort to bring the Seinfeld experience to "the 70 million-strong millennial generation." Fact: Seinfeld went off the air a decade ago, when current college freshman were about, oh, 7 years old...though undoubtedly they've relived it all through syndication. Here's what you'll find inside the time machine:

  • A mini-museum of such Seinfeld treasures as original costumes and props from iconic episodes, an original script, and an Emmy Award
  • TV screens displaying a presentation featuring the most iconic moments from the show
  • Bins of Seinfeld foods such as Twix, Snapple, black & white cookies, Snickers and Diet Dr. Pepper
  • A Kramer’s Yogurt Bar featuring non-fat frozen yogurt
  • A wall of Seinfeld framed production and gallery stills with behind-the-scenes captions

Look for the bus in New York on September 4th. They'll also be distributing over 1,000 pounds of delicious small screen nostalgia, in the form of black & white cookies and Junior Mints! And in conjunction with DoSomething.org, it will also be picking up canned foods to be delivered to foodbanks. But without Mr. Marbles on board, can it really be gold, Jerry?