It seems like just yesterday GIRLS' fourth season ended with a home birth and the (hopefully permanent) disappearance of Terrible Desi. But the seasons, they go 'round and 'round, and the painted ponies go up and down, and we're captive on a carousel of Lena Dunham's weirdly-paced tiiiiime. Today, the trailer for GIRLS' fifth season dropped, and...well...everyone's hair looks nice?

We can ascertain a few things from the above video—Elijah's still on the scene, thankfully, as is new Hannah BF Sad Blonde Fran. Jessa has about as many lines in the trailer as she had in all of last season. Shosh moved to Tokyo and got a baller dye job. Ray owns a suit. And Marnie, freed from the shackles of her green tights at last, is getting married.

Still there are questions. Like, with whom is Marnie tying the knot, and if it's Desi, will all our eyeballs explode at once? Is Adam Driver too busy collecting Sith memorabilia to make a cameo? Will Jessa have a plotline? Where are Gaby Hoffmann, Councilman Jamm, and their baby? And why won't Elijah be my friend?

Anyway, GIRLS premieres on February 21st at 10 p.m.—I'll be spewing weekly recaps all season long.