For all you kiddies going to see Bill Murray's talk at BAM tonight, Gothamist wants to let you know this isn't the first time that Bill Murray has chatted with Times film critic Elvis Mitchell. If anyone watched Mitchell's old IFC program, Independent Focus, where he would interview directors and actors (watch David Lynch smoke like a chimney...see John Sayles make Elvis Mitchell cringe!), you might remember an episode with Jim Jarmusch and Bill Murray, with an more spiffy than usual set. It was actually the pilot episode of a new more talk showy format, The Elvis Show. The Observer wrote about it a while ago, also mentioning an old show that Mitchell did with Tad Low that got an "F" in Entertainment Weekly, though it did not bring up Mitchell's great work for an old PBS show during the early 90s, where he gave the rules of making an Oliver Stone film, using G.I. Joes and Barbies. Anyway, Gothamist is just saying that the talk tonight will probably be great, though it'd probably be a bad idea to ask about "The Elvis Show" or how Bill feels about Sean Penn.

Listen to Elvis Mitchell's show on KCRW, The Treatment, via Real Player. And low culture on Elvis Mitchell's geek factor.