As Gothamist enjoys reading the exploits of a Christmas Elf over at the famouser-than-famous JVG's new site, The Discontented Elf, we could not help but be reminded of the excellent David Sedaris book, Holidays on Ice, which includes Sedaris' memories of being an Elf at the Herald Square Macy's. Sedaris shot to fame when he read about his experiences with insanity of Christmas (multiplied by weary Elves and Macy's employees) The Santaland Diaries, on NPR, then becoming the beloved essayist through that. Anyway, Elf X, the Elf without a name who is blogging the experience, offers the canned response when someone asks if the elves have read Sedaris: "No, I haven't read it. But he worked at Macy's, I think." JVG, get Elf X a copy for Christmas. Be a good boss.

You may be able to listen to 30 minutes of David Sedaris reading from the Santaland Diaries at the unofficial David Sedaris Internet Resource.