The QueensWay might be driving Woodhaven resident Neil Giannelli nuts, but it looks like the proposed elevated park really will happen: yesterday, the group behind the park submitted a request for development proposals, and they're looking for someone to evaluate the project.

In May, Gov. Cuomo gave land conservation organization the Trust for Public Land a $467,000 grant to conduct a safety and feasibility study on the 3.5 miles of abandoned railway they hope to turn into an elevated park. And it looks like they're ready to put that cash to use, since they've been scouting for companies to scope out the space. The study will include testing soil for toxins, checking the elevated structure's foundations, coming up with a design for a park and presumably assessing how much it'll cost to clean up all the trash and broken bottles on the tracks.

The Trust also wants to make sure the company consults with the Queens communities the park will run through; a few locals have already expressed concern with the project. "We want to have a firm that has experience with community processes," the Trust's NY State Director, Marc Matsil, told DNAinfo. Which all sounds well and good, but the real question is: if they build a hotel that hangs over the park somewhere, will the penthouse club bathroom have curtains?