Early 2000s nostalgia is real, people, and it's coming to the Playstation Theater in Times Square in a big way. Ja Rule may have come out of his credibility war with 50 Cent looking like the good-kid son of a Jehovah's Witness he is, but more than a decade after his time at the top of the pop charts, there's enough of an appetite for his growling/crooning puppy-dog eyes/bad boy stylings that he has booked an 11-date national tour with Ashanti, the Mariah Carey to his Ol' Dirty Bastard.

A dry run of the pairing in Los Angeles ahead of Valentine's Day was so in demand that bookers added a second show on the same evening. MTV sent a reporter, who noted that the pairing of Ja Rule and Ashanti is more tenuous than one's gossamer memories of 2002 might suggest:

Ja rapped various songs that you might think Ashanti was on, but then you remember people like Lil’ Mo, Christina Milian, and Vita exist and sang many of Ja Rule’s singles with him. This is when you remember that Ja and Ashanti actually only have three songs together. This is when you realize that this was not a joint show so much as a show in which Ashanti opened for Ja.

Still, "Always On Time" manages to stir the heart and conjure visions of hot summer days, trying to cling to pre-9/11 innocence through mass media consumption, and cold, sticky cans of Sparks, and you better believe they're going to perform it.

The tour kicks off in New York on August 25th. Doors for the show are at 7 p.m. Floor tickets are sold out, but you can still score a spot on the mezzanine for $58. More information is here. Ja Rule is also performing in Farmingville on Long Island on July 23rd.

While we're on this trip down memory lane: