Break out the JNCOs, charge up your Game Boy, re-arrange your troll dolls, practice snapping your snap bracelet, pop on a ring pop, and for the love of all that is holy, dig up the Pogs and Magic The Gathering cards you buried in a shoebox in your parents backyard, because the '90s are coming to Williamsburg this September. You may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but this is an exercise in nostalgia one could previously only hope to get off shore.

90s Fest will take place on September 12th at 50 Kent. The lineup includes a mix of alternative, pop and hip-hop acts that probably have a song or two that could get stuck in your head by just hearing the title: Blind Melon, Coolio, Lisa Loeb, Smash Mouth, Naughty By Nature, Tonic, and "a surprise act" (which has to be Sugar Ray or Third Eye Blind, right? It just has to be).

You can get your tickets here. Whatever you do, don't throw bread at Smash Mouth, they're not pigeons.

But do feel free to mix up "All Star" and "Imagine."