Don and Betty Draper's very first home in Mad Men was in Ossining, NY. Throughout the series, the home that was used was located in Pasadena, California. However, in the pilot, a home in New Rochelle, NY was used—and that's what's on the market for $1.15 million right now.

Curbed notes that the house, circa 1914, "is a classic clapboard colonial with handsome black shutters and a fire engine-red front door" (the Pasadena version was green with a red door).

Don arriving home at the end of the Mad Men pilot

The 3,544-square-foot home is located at 90 Forest Avenue, and features six bedrooms, a picturesque porch, a garage, and other suburban features that we choose to believe will never bring happiness. Just look at the Drapers! But if you're into that white picket fence American Dream thing, hit up Sotheby's.