Last week we told you about our stint as a dancing owl for the Flaming Lips, but we left out some serious details. We didn't want to sully our happy story with the harsh facts. The judging, the sidewalk politics, our inability to be fabulous. We gained entry from the band's people, but the doormen did everything they could prior to that moment to keep us and our $20 shoes out of Gotham Hall that night. We were lucky, others were not. And so it seems that a stern look at the underbelly of nightclub doormen is in order. The drummer of the Flaming Lips was himself subjected to the cruelty of this doorman, he stated:

I explained that I was in the band and there would be no show without me, at which point he grabbed me by the throat and shoved me up against the wall and was about to take a swing at me when someone yelled "He's in the band. Let him go." [via Central Village]

He has also written an open letter to NYC which is posted in full here. So we ask, who are these doormen guarding the parties of our city? Who was this one in particular? Does anyone else have a horror story from that night?