The suits at NBC are realizing that when they deal with The Donald, they are dealing with this all-consuming organism (not unlike Kang, just with a combover): The Donald is looking at a scripted series set at Trump Tower. We can hear the pitch now: "It'll be like Melrose Place, but just in a shiny apartment building in midtown Manhattan. Think Peyton Place meets The Apprentice, just with actors acting crazy." Anyway, this is a far cry from one of Gothamist's early remembrance of Trump on TV - appearing on This Old House, explaining the features of Trump Tower (pink travertine, we recall) to Bob Vila. And we rather a show about Carolyn and how she just kicks ass.

City Review on Trump Tower and Curbed on Apprentice contest Jennifer C.'s firing. And speaking of television, some picks for the new season: Veronica Mars, Kevin Hill, and RW/RR Battles of the Sexes 2 (Chicagoist's Margaret Lyons points out Aneesa's bio: Aneesa is not currently dating anyone and is hoping Ms. Right will find her. With four other lesbians on this show, so she just might get her wish. ) Plus Aaron at Out of Focus has been blogging the new season.