Entertainment Weekly went from Gothamist's must-read entertainment bible (in pre-Gothamist days) to being "Entertain Me Weakly" (as Mad magazine spoofed them) with a string of boring, predictable so-called features, annoying reviews (Lisa Schwarzbaum, we're talking to you) and poorly art-directed (is it even art-directed anymore?) and falling off our radar.

But the new issue, with this cover of The Dixie Chicks, makes Gothamist think there might be hope for EW. When we can find out information about celebrities and their projects so easily on the Internet, print has to find ways to stay interesting and compelling, and this issue, with the Dixie Chicks speaking out, seems like something will be said in EW's pages.

The AP on the Dixie Chicks' media offensive (or Bush remark defensive): interview with Diane Sawyer on Primetime Live and the EW feature.