The DirtNews from Page Six that porn star Jenna Jameson was having her autobiography ghostwritten by NY Times rock critic Neil Strauss instantly made it a must-read for Gothamist whenever it does come out. Yes, it should be a wild and crazy book about being the hottest porn star today, but more importantly, Neil Strauss is ghostwriting it. Strauss' last contribution to pop culture memoirs was with the one of the best books about living the rock and roll life, The Dirt, the autobiography of Motley Crue. Sure, Tommy Lee was married to Heather Locklear and Pamela Anderson, but the book starts out with Tommy dating a girl the other band members called Moose because she was so ugly. Read a few pages to understand why. It's also one of Gothamist's standby "don't need to overthink because it'll be liked" last-minute gift books, alongside Kitchen Confidential.