Reefer madness is the new black! Marie Claire exposes what they call "stilleto stoners" in their latest issue. Yes, even the well-heeled like to puff on a little pot after a stressful day in this rough n' tumble town.

Take 29-year-old corporate attorney "Jennifer" for instance, she's been running around for 12 hours in her Marc Jacobs pumps and at the end of the day "reaches for a plastic orange prescription bottle alongside a glass pipe and blue Bic lighter, just as the cleaning lady left them. She twists off the cap, pinches off a piece of the fragrant green bud inside, gingerly places it in the bowl of the pipe, and lights up. Over the next 30 minutes, she takes three deep drags, enough to drown out the noise whirring in her head." Soon enough she'll be popping pills to drown out the paranoid voices!

And here's a pro tip from 28-year-old "Debbie," for those watching the budget (and waistline), she tells the magazine, "I love to have a glass of wine now and again, but going out and downing sugary cocktails isn't fun for me. And drinking is so much more expensive." Bonus: her routine of getting high allowed her to finally finish The Fountainhead! Now when she does go out for a cocktail, she can entertain her friends with a riveting diatribe on Objectivism, just like the rest of us did in high school. [via NYMag]