With the curtain closing on the Wolverine saga with the blood-soaked, R-rated Logan, Marvel let audiences of the film know there was still plenty of bloody carnage to be had in the MCU by starting Logan screenings off with the teaser for Deadpool 2.

While the teaser doesn't get into what kind of adventures Ryan Reynolds' Wade Wilson will get into in the 2018 sequel to the first film, the teaser does have all the elements that made the first R-rated superhero movie a surprise smash.

There are mocking references to other superhero tropes and films as Wilson changes into his complicated Deadpool outfit in a phone booth in front of a movie theater marquee advertising Logan, all while the Superman theme plays. Stan Lee is there to get yelled at, there's ironic usage of slo-mo and an 80s hit, and of course, Wade doesn't save the mugging victim he sets out to save because he spends most of the three minute clip struggling to get into his costume. Oh also it ends with "You're So Cool," the xylophone-heavy track from the similarly irreverent True Romance.

As for what Deadpool 2 will actually be about, details are still scarce. We do know that it will involve the time traveling son of Jean Grey and Cyclops, Cable, that Cabin in the Woods/Daredevil writer Drew Goodard is handling the script and John Wick co-director David Leitch is directing. So, I'm guessing lots of blood, lots of guns and lots of jokes.