2005_04_darkwater.jpgGothamist saw the trailer for the new Jennifer Connelly movie, Dark Water. Basically, she finds an apartment (with the help of John C. Reilly, a fellow tenant) in what looks like one of those huge NYC apartment buildings that are so big and nondescript, they look like projects, and moves in with her daughter, even though the elevator is freaky. She proclaims it perfect, but, of course, that's when the scary stuff happens: Leaky ceiling that reveals a flooded apartment above her - that hasn't occupied! Read the description at Yahoo Movies, and see the trailer at the Touchstone site. What Gothamist wants to know is hasn't she seen Panic Room? Or even Duplex? Buying a living space in NYC is never charmed - especially not when you're in a movie written by the same guy who wrote The Ring. Gothamist chortled our way through the trailer, but we might see it - IMDB says it filmed at Roosevelt Island and there seem to be some cool aerials of the city.

In real life, Connelly doesn't have these problems - she's got a townhouse in Park Slope - natch!