Photo via WarmSleepy's flickr

While the real Gotham City is right here, of course, sometimes other cities are used to portray it on film—you know, since we're so terribly busy and important here in New York. And so it goes, The Dark Knight Rises has now relocated from Manhattan to... Newark. According to CBS, the cast and crew are in the Garden State today and tomorrow, prompting major traffic concerns for New Jersey commuters—the Newark Light Rail from Penn Station to Broad Street Station will not be running for the two days, and car traffic will be rerouted.

The movie is in the final stages of filming, and has tried to keep their moves under wraps (calling themselves Magnus Rex on production signs around town). Even Newark Mayor Cory Booker hadn't announced their plans to film in the city, eventually Tweeting, "Holy mum batman! I keep super hero secrets," after this article came out.

Don't expect to see the final product in theaters until next summer, but the trailer will start screening before Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes on December 16th, and "a six-minute prologue to the movie is expected to screen before Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol" next month as well. Until then, did you see these sweet photos of the Batcopter down on Wall Street this week?