Tonight, Gothamist will definitely be watching Tabloid Wars, the reality show that follows the innerworkings of the Daily News. While the reviews have noted it's perhaps more mild than we'd want it, we're excited to see the city beat reporters in action. New York magazine's John Leonard wrote in his review, "By the end of the second hour, you will probably decide, as I did, that the tireless Kerry Burke is our hero, not only because he sounds public-school instead of preppy and always talks to strangers with respect, but because he hates celebrity stories."

Burke has a blog on Bravo, and the first fascinating post is about going to Howard Beach to investigate last summer's beating. The neighborhood didn't want to talk, but Burke got lucky:

I turned the corner and ran into a minor mob. I was surrounded by a growing crowd of pissed white youths.

"Yeah, we know Fat Nick. We know what happened, but nobody's snitching. This is the 'hood. You gotta leave. Now. While you can."

In their opening salvo, they had coughed up Minucci's full name-- complete with street moniker -- long before cops release the info.

This incident, the beating of a Glenn Moore by a group of white men, occured in June last year and Minucci was sentenced last week to 15 years for a hate crime. As for our interest in Tabloid Wars, what can we say - we love Animal Precinct, why wouldn't we love this?

And life at Macy's will be a reality TV show for the WE network this fall - if only it was only about Santaland, a la David Sedaris!