(Whatever, it's better than an air quality alert.) New York City had a brief vacation from Lady Gaga's antics, but now she's baaaaack. Last night she brought her Monster Ball tour to Madison Square Garden (earlier this year it was at the much more intimate Radio City Music Hall), and she'll be there two more nights this week.

With that schedule, she likely won't have time to harass the Mets, however, if you do spot this lady (or her colorful and crazed fans) around town, then send us your pics! We're on Gaga Watch till she departs this weekend, and we'd be really curious to know what she wears in 103 degree weather.

Reportedly at her show last night she announced, "Without New York, I would not exist." And her tribute to the city didn't end there, her stage show featured subway cars, "a rundown urban landscape, and an evil-looking forest, all suggesting the gritty/cool of the city's buried past," according to the Daily News. If you don't have tickets to tonight or Friday night's show, you can see her for free if you wake up bright n' early Friday morning—she'll be performing on The Today Show. And if you attempt to procure tickets to the big show, just try to avoid getting getting punched in the face by a scalper.