It's January, the month where your sweatpants are actually used for sweating and not just for comfort, as you tackle your newly-expanded post-holiday waistline. This month we will commit to doing at the very least more exercise than we did the previous month, and since this probably won't last, there's no need to sign up for some iron-clad gym membership. Instead, try these workouts...


This isn't the tripped-out spinning around in circles that you see at actual Phish shows, it's the hardcore, kick-your-ass workout set to the music of one of the greatest live rock bands of our time. According to Jambands (where we get all of our exercise tips), "Ira Lindenberg has launched a series of spin workout classes featured the music of Phish, and will host his next Phish-related class at Brooklyn, NY’s SYNCSTUDIO on Thursday, January 16th at 8:15 p.m." Ditch your patch pants and dope 'Say Woo Again' shirt for a water bottle, workout clothes and sneakers or cycling/spinning shoes.

SYNCSTUDIO is located at 133 South 2nd Street in Williamsburg. You can sign up here, admission is $25.


Any exercise you can do in the water is going to be way more enjoyable than one you'd do on land, but it will also be more difficult. Last year the NY Times wrote about aqua cycling and we were instantly sold—not only are you in the water, with jellies on your feet, but the workout burns up to 800 calories an hour. You can take a class at Aqua Studio in TriBeCa, where they keep the water around 80 degrees for their typically 45-minute long sessions.

Aqua Studio is located at 78 Franklin Street. Classes are $40, but there's a trial that you can take for $34, and various levels of class cards if you get hooked.


There are three locations in New York where you can get your ass kicked by the Physique57 workout, which was created by a former Wall Streeter who found her second calling in fitness. There are beginner classes and you should definitely start there if you've never tried this barre-based workout, which promises to transform your body. A class (whether you're in a beginner or more advanced one) incorporates cardio, strength training, stretching, and recovery, and you'll be working with a ballet barre the entire time (57 minutes, to be exact). Stick with it and you'll improve your flexibility, tone those muscles, and best of all FEEL GOOD. But you're gonna have to push through that pain first...

Physique57 has three Manhattan locations; visit their website for details and schedules. They offer various packages and often offer deals through Twitter (so follow them). Currently Newcomer 1 Month Unlimited Class Membership is $250.


Punk Rope is a little like your high school P.E. class, except instead of spending an hour sweating in baggy gym clothes while a hungover coach blows a whistle at you, you get to work out with a bunch of cool
people who, like you, are looking for a good way to burn off those extra Narragansetts they downed last night. The class is comprised of intermittent jump rope sessions, set to tunes varying from jazz to hip hop to old school rock 'n roll; instructors Tim Haft and Shana Brady will lead you through relay races, fitness games and other recess-like activities to keep the blood pumping and calories burning. Jump ropes are provided, though you can always buy your own through Punk Rope's online store; the $12-$15 class meets once a week year-round at locations in Greenpoint, Park Slope and in the East Village, and this Saturday you can try them out for free at a special gratis class from 1 to 2 p.m. at the Greenpoint YMCA. — Rebecca Fishbein

Punk Rope is held at various locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan; visit and follow them on Facebook for schedule and details.


Working out can be kind of a necessary drag sometimes, so it's good to switch things up, with say... some aerial dancing? That's right, it's not just for weird DIY Bushwick burlesque parties anymore. At Heliummm they offer aerial classes where "you can hang, flip, turn and contort to your heart’s content," with no experience necessary! And this isn't as easy it may look, not only is there a lot of skill involved, but in the end you'll end up with some seriously toned muscles and strength. It works your core, arm, leg and abs... and it looks cool.

Heliummm has locations in Brooklyn (Williamsburg) and Manhattan (Kips Bay); visit their website for schedules. Classes start at $35.


The Indo Yoga Board is designed to take yoga to the next level by moving traditional yoga onto an unstable surface... like a surfboard. Anyone can do this, but if you're a beginner be prepared to fall a few times. The board is great for quickly showing you what parts of your body aren't as strong as others. But if you keep it up, you'll find your strength and balance. And you'll impress the hell out of everyone. There isn't a studio that regularly hosts these classes, but they turn up now and again, and Indo Board has told us there are some classes and workshops coming up this month and next (follow them on Twitter to keep informed).