2007_05_arts_herzog.jpgHerzog [Non] Fiction
Film Forum

Madman. Genius Auteur. Whether you think German director Werner Herzog falls into the camp of the former, the later or a mix of the two, the next three weeks at Film Forum will be a great chance to get better acquainted with this fascinating, prolific filmmaker's documentary works. Renowned for bringing his camera to inhospitable locales in search of the unfilmable and profiling the penultimate fringe characters, Herzog's most recent documentary Grizzly Man (which plays in a great double bill with My Best Fiend about his collaborations with actor Klaus Kinski on June 6 and 7) became a cult hit of sorts in 2005. In addition to the wide-ranging selection of works by the director, Herzog also picked out for the series nine of his favorite documentaries including films by Chris Marker, Kazuo Hara, Errol Morris and Les Blank, who profiled Herzog during the making of Fitzcarraldo. The director himself will be on hand for Q&As at a few screenings over the weekend, at Film Forum and also at Goethe-Institute, although a word to the wise many of these screenings have already sold out. There will be some tickets available before the screenings and Film Forum has posted on sale times on their website.

Other repertory films of note this weekend include a special screening tonight of Hal Hartley's newest Fay Grim with the director at 7:15 pm at the IFC Center, two more sexually explosive features in the Jean Genet on Film series at BAM The Maidsand Mademoiselle this coming Monday and Tuesday respectively, and two special showings with a director Q&A of Alan Berliner's documentary about his inability to fall asleep called Wide Awake on Saturday at the Film Society.

[Pictured: Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski in Herzog's MY BEST FIEND (1999). Courtesy Film Forum/Werner Herzog Films.]