The Devil may wear prada and Superman may wear tight red briefs but what's really should get you hot and bothered on a long holiday weekend is Amy Sedaris in prosthetic teeth and high rise pants. Wooh-wee, that's some sexy stuff.

No matter how you felt about Lauren Weisberger's thinly veiled roman a clef about life in the Vogue trenches, you have to admit that the preview for The Devil Wears Prada movie with Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway looks darn entertaining. We've all had mean spirited bosses in our day and who better than the most lauded actress of our generation to embody a fashionista beelzebub? Expect to see gaggles of high heeled assistants waiting on line for late night screenings on Friday. For the geek boy viewers, the newest installment in the comic book canon is Bryan Singer's Superman Returns with Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacey. Singer worked his magic on the first two X-Men films and though Returns clocks in at over 2 and a half hours, we've heard raves so far from viewers. Apparently it's quite indebted to the 1978 original, so if you've not see that one, check it out at the video store.

A smaller movie coming out this weekend is The Motel, a story about Ernest Chin, a 13-year-old boy who lives in his parent's skeevy suburban motel and befriends Sam Kim, a Korean American man who teaches him all about everything. This is a first feature from New York-based filmmaker Michael Kang which was workshopped at the prestigious Sundance Institute. The poster alone, with it's comic book style, looks brilliant.

At Film Forum, an intriguing new release and some excellent repertory--13 Tzameti and the Essential Wilder series. About a Georgian immigrant in Russia who becomes embroiled in an elaborate betting game in the French underworld, Stephen Holden in the NY Times says 13 Tzameti "offers the ultimate comment on the depraved male appetite for dangerous thrills. It's extreme sports times 10, realized with the ruthless, smirking sang-froid of early Roman Polanski." In honor of director Billy Wilder's centenary, Film Forum is hosting a great retrospective of his work spanning everything from the high comedies to the dark noirs. This weekend you can get a dose of investigators with ankle fetishes in Double Indemnity and cross dressing jazz musicians in Some Like It Hot. Not many can deliver a one liner like a Wilder movie so all of these on the bill through July 20 are worth a watch.

Gothamist Pick:

amy_sedaris3.jpgA TV cult classic for years, Amy Sedaris's brilliant Strangers With Candy finally makes it to the silver screen this weekend in the full length feature prequel to the series. Stephen Colbert and Paul Dinello reprise their roles in the series and the film also features such star studded co-stars as Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. In case you never took it upon yourself to rent the old episodes on DVD, Strangers spoofs all of those classic after school specials with Sedaris's character Jeri Blanks, a 40-something former prostitute and drug addict who decides to go back to high school. Every week various life quandaries would arise and Jeri would never ever learn any special lessons. As a fellow New Yorker, we have to root for anything Sedaris does and this project in particular has been a long time coming.