International cinema circles may be buzzing today about the announced line-up of films at this year's Cannes Film Festival but for those of us who won't be walking the Croisette in May, there's still plenty to be excited about movie-wise. Here's a few suggestions for your moviegoing this weekend.

eva_longoria4.jpgMandy Moore, Dennis Quaid and Hugh Grant yuck it up in Chris Weitz's new satire American Dreamz about an American Idol type competition and the bonehead US president who agrees to judge it. Two TV stars attempt to translate this weekend their small screen fame into big box office with the thriller The Sentinel. The cast includes Eva Longoria and Kiefer Sutherland as CIA agents trying to find a mole in the agency who may or may not be their mentor, played by Michael Douglas. Apparently the recently passed Oleg Cassini, the brilliant costume designer, made some of the First Lady's dresses, played by Kim Basinger.

There's also the creepy looking horror film with Radha Mitchell and Sean Bean, Silent Hill hitting theaters. Another one to look out for, the Australian import Somersault about a young girl (Abbie Cornish) who's living on the edge. We've heard it's like Thirteen only more reckless, if you can believe it.

If the crack of the baseball bat and the smell of roasting peanuts gives you a thrill, you can get that vicarious ballpark feeling at MoMA this Friday at 8:30 pm as they screen The Natural, a part of their on going series, "Baseball and American Culture." Sure, you could just go out to one of the ball fields for an actual game, but chances are you wouldn't be able to gaze upon the loveliness that is a young Robert Redford. Mr. Sundance stars in this lyrical feature by Barry Levinson about a phenomenally gifted player during the hay day of the sport. The sunlight glistening through Redford's golden locks and then captured on film is reason enough to see this movie.

Roman Polanski may be mostly known these days for his outstanding arrest warrant but back in the '60s and '70s he was notorious for smart, stylish horror films with unbelievably chic actresses. Starting this Friday, Film Forum will be screening a newly restored print of his first English language horror film and an instant classic, Repulsion starring the luminous Catherine Deneuve. Deneuve plays a Belgian manicurist who's moved to London to live with her sister and the sister's boyfriend, when strange things begin to happen in the small flat. Her descent into madness is something that will stay with you long after the final frame.

Gothamist Pick:
Celebrate Earth Day with a series of short films from Rooftop Films in Brooklyn. Tonight's screening will be at the Kiehl's flagship store in the East Village and will feature great independent movies, free drinks, snacks and Kiehl's gift bags. Wahoo! This line up of seven shorts is perfect for Gothamists as "these are movies that will show all of us bleary eyed city slickers of the exhilarating beauty and value of natural design and the hilarious and destructive consequences of messing with Mother Nature."

Kiehl's store // 109 Third Avenue between 13th and 14th Streets // 8 - 10 pm // Free!

Production still from The Sentinel with Keifer Sutherland, Eva Longoria and Michael Douglas.