jason_mewes2.jpgThis weekend at the movies means a bunch of overblown new releases. Clerks II is out this weekend and if Kevin Smith didn't think he was the coolest before, he does now that Joel Siegel's walked out of one of his press screenings. You can read about the whole back and forth then decide if you too will be more offended by some reference to bestiality or that Jay and Silent Bob still have cultural traction 10 years later. The big potential blockbuster for the weekend seems to be M. Night Shaymalan's newest, The Lady in the Water wherein Paul Giamatti discovers someone mysterious in the pool of the apartment complex he manages. The trailers want it to be both a horror story and an eerie children's fable, but it doesn't seem like it could really be both simultaneously.

Also, this week Uma Thurman comes to the rescue of all wronged ex-girlfriends everywhere by doing super hero revenge on her former, played by Luke Wilson in My Super Ex-Girlfriend. The really hilarious Wilson in this bunch is of course, Rainn Wilson of The Office fame. It's just great hearing him use the word "trifecta" in the previews. Kids in your life will surely be into Monster House an animated flick produced by Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg.

The Shaw Brothers were some of the most innovated film producers out of Hong Kong, and the Film Society of Lincoln Center has brought back this weekend some of the most popular titles from their 2004 NYFF sidebar program devoted to these artists. Running from Friday through Sunday this weekend, see stories of prostitutes in training, stage performers, young girls trying to attend school and incognito emperors.

If attending the current DADA exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art has you hankering for more surreality from the twenties, head over to Anthology Film Archives on Saturday at 6:30 pm for a screening of classics from that era. Ballet Méchanique and Entr'acte are just two highlights in this program of shorts which feature work by art greats like Francis Picabia, Man Ray, René Clair and Marcel Duchamp.

Gothamist Pick:
If you're a fan of the classic wacked-out documentary, Grey Gardens about the Beales, a mother and daughter living in a ramshackle East Hampton estate, you can get even more of Big Edie and Little Edie in The Beales of Grey Gardens. This companion piece to the other documentary which features additional footage shot between 1973 and 1976 gets the midnight movie treatment at the IFC Center this Friday and Saturday night. Head scarves and delusions of grandeur are optional attire for this screening.