Whether you are overdosing on matzos, chocolate bunnies or just the stunning spring weather, taking in a weekend movie can be a great break from it all. Okay, maybe you don't want a break from the 70 degree weather but still. A movie could be good too.

2006_04_arts_bettie.jpgTrends in fetish wear get two unlikely airings on the big screen this week with Mary Harron's biopic on the infamous calendar girl in The Notorious Bettie Page and the Brit import, Kinky Boots. Harron transformed Lili Taylor into the cranky Valerie Solanas in I Shot Andy Warhol and here she does a number on sunny, blonde Gretchen Mol turning her into the iconic Page. With a female director, screenwriter and producers expect to encounter less exploitation and more feminist commentary on an intriguing woman's life. Boots stars Joel Edgerton as the owner of a recently inherited shoe manufacturing business and Chiwetel Ejiofor as the transsexual who helps him turn the business around with the help of the fetish shoe market. It sounds a bit like The Full Monty only with Manolo Blahniks.

Another film about sexual deviance out this weekend is Hard Candy, a much-buzzed-about indie starring Patrick Wilson (Angels in America) and newcomer, Ellen Page. A fashion photographer and a teen girl begin chatting online then agree to meet in person, but the question of who is exploiting whom gets thrown into delicious turmoil as the plot unfolds. It's a two person character piece well worth seeking out. The big mainstream release after all of these indies is Scary Movie 4, another installment in the horror spoof series starring the highly underrated, blonde goofball Anna Faris. Obviously some people think this kind of thing is high-larious and Gothamist says "to each his own."

Cinema Village begins a run of Nathalie..., a French drama starring the brilliant actresses Fanny Ardant and Emmanuelle Béart. Ardant realizes that her husband (Gérard Depardieu) is cheating on her and so she employs a beautiful prostitue (Béart) to seduce to her husband so as to get some nagging questions answered. However, the usual love triangle is thrown on it's head, as the real relationship which is the center in this film is between the two women. The French really do have the most interesting marriages, don't you find? Or at least in the movies they seem to.

Gothamist Pick:
The arts section of the 92nd St. Y, Makor will be hosting a sneak preview of Art School Confidential, the newest pairing between director Terry Zwigoff and graphic novelist Dan Clowes, this Sunday. The film stars Max Minghella (son of the director Anthony) who is trying to make his way through art school, a surreal and at times pretentious place. After the screening, Zwigoff and Clowes will be on hand for a discussion of the film with David Sterritt, the chairman of the National Society of Film Critics.

Steinhardt Building, 35 W. 67th Street // Sun. Apr. 16 // 7:30 pm // $25

Production still of Gretchen Mol in The Notorious Bettie Page