Action adventure, animated sci-fi, iconic '80s actresses and French sexual intrigue—this weekend is a good one for movie going in New York. Draw your swords landlubbers, Gore Verbinski's sequel to his bombastic film based on an amusement park ride is out this weekend, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. In this installment, shot at the same time as the forthcoming part III, Johnny Depp's brilliant Jack Sparrow searches for Davy Jones's chest to free himself from some sort of curse. There's a boat-load of twisty-turning plot in this 2 hour and a half movie but fortunately there's also tons of great action, Kiera Knightley looking adorable in pirate gear and a huge tentacled man eating beast. So basically, something for everyone.

Austin auteur Richard Linklater returns to his animating of actors technique in his adaption of Philip K. Dick's classic A Scanner Darkly. Keanu Reeves does his bewildered by the government's infrastructure thing and is reunited with Winona Ryder who's now a blonde. Think this will be the beginning of a Noni comeback? Two other notorious loose canon thespians, Robert Downey Jr. and Woody Harrelson round out the cast.

If you're still feeling the futból fever from the World Cup 2006 matches, learn more about America's attempt to launch a professional soccer league to be reckoned with in the documentary Once in a Lifetime. It features soccer legend Péle and the interesting tidbit that politico Henry Kissinger was one of the driving forces behind bringing the sport to the States in the '70s. French actress Charlotte Rampling is one of those screen stars who just gets sexier as she ages. Her newest drama Heading South about three women taking sex vacations to Haiti in the '80s is out this weekend.

On Wednesday and Thursday of next week (July 12 - 13), MoMA will go to the seaside art house cinema-style screening a number of ominous beach set films by French director, François Ozon in their series, Ozon on the Beach. Of Ozon's nine films, he's set 4 of them at least in part by the ocean turning an idyllic setting into one of dread. This is a great opportunity to catch up on this intriguing director's work before seeing his newest, A Time to Leave which also shows in the series and will have a wider release starting next Friday.

Stretch your movie going dollar and laugh until you fall out of your seat at Symphony Space this Saturday and Sunday for their Cult Movie Marathon. They'll be showing Monty Python's And Now For Something Completely Different at 4 pm, the director's cut of Brazil at 5:45 pm and then Dr. Strangelove at 8:15 pm. All of that surreal weirdness and sci-fi dystopian visions for $10 is a real deal.

Gothamist Pick:
marion.jpgSure, the running from the rolling boulder sequence and the silly flesh melting special effects in Raiders of the Lost Ark are super fun but doesn't Marion steal the show from Indiana Jones with her drinking the Tibetan guy under the table? Actress Karen Allen will be on hand for a post-film Q&A at the Raiders of the Lost Ark screenings this Friday and Saturday at the Paris theater (4 W. 58th St between 5th and 6th Ave.). The movie starts at 10 pm both nights and tickets cost $10.50. Here's hoping she talks about how they wrangled all of those snakes inside the temple and that the rumors she and Kate Capshaw will appear in the next Indy installment are true.

Production Still of Karen Allen in Raiders of the Lost Ark.