2007_10_arts_pushcartdvd.jpgMan Push Cart
(directed by Ramin Bahrani)

You might grab a coffee and a bagel from the corner coffee cart every morning for years, but still never know much about the guy working inside. In director Ramin Bahrani's first feature film he tells the story of one push cart vendor, a Pakastani named Ahmad who's struggling with his past as well as his cart. Shot in Queens and midtown, Man Push Cart puts a flawed and fascinating human face on a seldom explored part of New York life. Gothamist spoke with Bahrani last year about his process making his fictional film seem so real we initially mistook it for a documentary. This release also features commentary from Bahrani (whose most next movie Chop Shop played at the Toronto Film Festival in September) as well as others involved with the movie and some of his other short films like "Bad Reception" and "Dogs." If you missed this small independent when it played in theaters, now is your chance to get acquainted with a great local director telling unique stories about our city.

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