2007_03_shortbus.jpgShortbus (directed by John Cameron Mitchell). Sure, Shortbus, John Cameron Mitchell's long-awaited follow up to his inspirational transsexual musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch, has a lot of explicit, "real" sex in it, but the real turn on for the filmmaker is obviously New York. As the camera swoops around the gorgeously constructed mini-Manhattan and Brooklyn models, you can't help but feel your heart soar with love for our crazy, dysfunctional, and beautiful city.

After all, Mitchell's version of New York houses an intersecting cast of honest sex therapists, emotionally naked dominatrix, cute gay-boy stalkers, incredibly flexible yoga devotees and the most fun, free-wheeling outer borough sex party ever--run by Kiki & Herb's Justin Bond and named "Shortbus." In this magical fantasy world, no sexual hang up, messed up relationship or neurosis is too impossible to overcome. Sounds like a place that's worth a revisit on DVD, doesn't it?

DVD Special Features include a commentary track by writer/director Mitchell and cast members Bond, Sook-Yin Lee, Paul Dawson and PJ DeBoy; two shorts "Gifted and Challenged: The Making of Shortbus" and "How To Shoot Sex: A Docu-Primer"; plus 8 Deleted and Extended Scenes (in particular an extended orgy scene).

A note for JCM fans, Mitchell, PJ DeBoy, and Peter Stickles will be signing DVDs at the Union Square Virgin Megastore on Thursday, Mar. 15 starting at 7 pm. Also, there will be a DVD release party on Thursday night at the Delancey. Visit scenedowntown.com for more details and rsvp.

Also out this week on DVD, Casino Royale, Harsh Times, The Holiday, and a Ghost: Special Collector's Edition. Psychic Whoopi Goldberg, death by plate glass window and dirty potter's wheel sex, ah the early '90s memories.