Hmm. Gothamist is a little uneasy about today's prominent story about a bark mitzvah in the NY Times. Now, we love our animals, especially when they wear yarmulkes or participate in Holy Communion. But we have to be honest: Right now, we're slammed with weddings and all the associated costs (gifts, tickets, cute new outfits) and, slowly but surely, there have been baby notices. Are we now going to be required to shell out more cash for the passage of our friends' dogs into, uh, dogs? And what do you call a cat's bar/bat mitzah? Meow mitzvah? In the end, we'll probably happily surrender. And the best line from the story is from dog owner Mark Nadler to the cantor: "It's a real bark mitzvah. Give him a blessing before he pees in my lap."

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