At 5:14 p.m. EST on Thursday, the trailer to the upcoming CATS movie was released. And we likely will not stop hearing about it until this thing comes out in December, or 84 more trailers from now.

The film, directed by Oscar-winning director Tom Hooper, and starring Jennifer Hudson, Judi Dench, Ian McKellan, Idris Elba, Taylor Swift, James Cordan, Jason Derulo, Rebel Wilson, and Francesca Hayward of the Royal Ballet, is based on Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical a 1986 Saturday Night Live sketch.

While the performers in the musical wore furry costumes, the actors in the film were given fur through a CGI-ish process... and it's extremely distracting.

As the owner of three cats, the movie was extremely upsetting, because it threatens to ruin all the Internet good will that cats have.

Also, it's not anatomically correct:

In fact, Twitter couldn't even handle the anatomical facts and suspended stand-up comedian Jaboukie Young-White for hours for his Tweet:

(He was restored.)

It's also left people who actually know the plot of the musical in a land of complicated emotions:

Anyway, Hannah Woolread's thread explains all the characters of CATS. Here's one good analysis:

Obviously the only alternative is for there to be an indie version:

We already have the Australian version:

And maybe it was all foretold: