2005_12_olivercat.jpg It's always nice when a story we've been following for awhile has a happy ending. So you can imagine that we were happy to see in today's Times that the Lower East Side Russian Blue cat who wandered from her owners home back in 2004 is finally going to return to his owner.

The story, for those of you who don't remember and/or don't want to follow the links we've laid out for you, has gone something like this: Over a year ago Chavisa Woods cat Oliver walked out of her apartment and was quickly placed in an animal shelter. While Woods frantically posted missing cats posters around the neighborhood, Oliver was adopted by an anonymous woman who renamed the cat Gatsby. When Woods became aware of the cat's new name and home she tried to get it back only to find herself going up against an 1894 law that says owners only have 48 hours to notify Animal Control that their pet is missing. Otherwise all bets are off. So Woods sued. The trail was set for Monday.

And then came the happy ending. Rather then go to court (and risk further disrupt a law that many animal shelters depend on) the anonymous Gatsby-lover has decided to return Oliver to her original owner. And so, Gothamist salutes you, anonymous cat adopter/returner!