Gothamist loved loved LOVED the City section article about the teacher's cat who answers sixth graders' questions at MS 391, a specialized school known as Tapco, the Theater Arts Production Company, in the Bronx. Not only can kids write to Sophia the cat for love advice or to say that their teacher (and Sophia's owner) Craig Roberts shouldn't use their slang ("Please tell him to stay in his age group"), but they get class visits from her! Man, all Gothamist had as class pets were the occasional baby chick, newt, frog or dimestore goldfish. Best quotes about whether or not Sophia could really answer their questions:

Demetrious Cacheres, expressed his feelings more strongly. "I haven't sent her letters," he said, "because personally I feel it's ridiculous."

Rebecca Vicioso was circumspect. "I really want to see if what he says about Sophia is true," she said, "because I know I've had a few cats myself, and not many of them can do what he says she can."

This reminds Gothamist of the time we had to break the news to a younger sibling that Santa Claus wasn't real. And the article also spurred all sorts of questions, such as, "Is Sophia the cat right or left pawed? Or is she typing the answers? PC or Mac?", "Will she be getting a talk show on Animal Planet?" and "Can we volunteer our own pets to be advice givers?"

Gothamist's own advice column, Ask Gothamist, is willing to answer your questions - email them! And we are found of interviews with cats.