2008_07_flea.jpgThe Brooklyn Flea gets the NY Times treatment today, which succinctly breaks the market's presence in Fort Greene down to this: the old timers just may not like the yuppies much. The dichotomy in this neighborhood drama is that Flea founders Jonathan Butler and Eric Demby are, per the Times, themselves "protectors of so-called Brownstone Brooklyn, defending their adopted homelands of Fort Greene and Clinton, Cobble and Boerum Hills from rampant, insensitive gentrification. So it is disorienting, to say the least, to be cast as the local villains ruining a neighborhood." On Thursday, they told the community members, “Dictating the hours of our business does not seem reasonable. We want to hear your specific concerns. If you just don’t like us, there’s not a whole lot that we can do.