Brooklyn Bridge photo via Jane Kratochvil's flickr

You know what would make a tiny New York City apartment seem even smaller? Chocolate brown paint. But maybe it would all be worth it when you can tell your guests that the paint came from THE Brooklyn Bridge. New York’s Department of Citywide Administrative Services is holding an online auction where more than 500 gallons of surplus chocolate brown semi-gloss enamel from the bridge is being sold off. At press time the highest bid for a lot of 25 five-gallon cans is $86.

There is one day left in the public surplus auction, and CityRoom notes that other unused paints on the block include a Pulaski red and aluminum green. A Transportation Department spokesman told them the paint was "purchased a decade ago for a short-term touch-up of the bridge’s steel superstructure. Some time later, the city decided it would be more efficient to cover the entire span with a more durable paint after scraping away the old layers to the bare steel."

There's also a lot of "adult toothbrushes" being sold "as is."