The Bronx may be getting a bookstore again. Noelle Santos, a Bronx native who started a crowdfunding campaign to open an independent bookstore-slash-wine-bar in the South Bronx, tells us she's reached her initial $100,000 goal. But it's not over yet—the campaign runs through March 18th and Santos tells us it will cost more than $100,000 to make the dream a reality.

Last month, Santos, who was born and raised in Soundview and now lives in Crotona Park, told us of her plans to open The Lit. Bar as soon as possible, following the closure of the Bronx's last general interest bookstore (a Barnes & Noble) in December. She hoped the crowdfunding campaign would help the community have a voice of its own in the face of the Bronx's gentrification. "Nobody wants to invest in us. When they do, it's not really for us, it's for a more affluent population that comes from outside the borough," she said. "We're not seeing real effective change happening for people who are already here."

The campaign's success means The Lit. Bar is closer to becoming a real thing, but Santos says there's still work to be done and money to be raised. "I'm going to continue my campaign activities, and I'm doing a few fundraisers as well," Santos said. She told DNAinfo she will need about $300K in total to get the project off the ground, which she plans to fund through bank loans and her own savings.

You can donate to help The Lit. Bar here.