Photo via Annulla's Flickr.

Within the 843 acres of Central Park one will find 9,000 benches, and many of them tell a story (or at least a name). In 1986 the Central Park Conservancy began their Adopt-A-Bench program to raise money for upkeep.

For $7,500 (way less than your yearly rent, and this is forever!) you will get an engraved plaque on one of the benches. There are also select locations with rustic handmade benches that cost a good deal more ($25,000).

The plaques commemorate many occasions, and the above isn't the only proposal. The CPC site states that another "man proposed to his future wife at a bench he adopted near the Zoo. The inscription: Michelle, Will you marry me? Love, John. Needless to say, she said yes." Much less romantic are the plaques that Columbia Pictures bought to promote their Stuart Little movies. And one of the sadder plaques is for the rescue dogs of 9/11.

In the 22 years the program has been running 2,000 benches have been adopted, which leaves plenty more out there incase you're looking for that perfect Valentine's Day gift! [via Blather from Brooklyn]