Photo by Bill Shatto

When we last checked in on the CBGB biopic we joked, "Somewhere, a set designer is recreating the venue's bathrooms." But the reality is so much better: they're using the real toilets from the legendary club. The Savannah Morning News reports that "the actual bar, and toilets, of iconic club CBGB will be shipped here [to Savannah] and installed on the set of the movie. It’s part of a meticulous process that’s already transforming the interior of local Meddin Studios into an exact replica of the hallowed birthplace of punk rock."

Producer Jody Savin confirms: “We’re bringing in the original bar and the toilets—those famous toilets. Graffiti and all.” Presumably they've been festering away in that warehouse in Williamsburg where the club's remains were stored, but this has us wondering if they'll be brought into the new CBGB when/if it opens?

Sadly, the toilets will be one of the only authentic things in the movie, as it does seem as though the entire thing will be filmed in Georgia—the creative director says, “New York is so expensive, so there’s a real incentive here.” This means that right now, somewhere in Savannah, there is "a lowered area where producers will shoot false exteriors of the Bowery, with virtual New York looking north across Louisville Road, west of downtown." [via EV Grieve]