When you travel to the car-dependent suburbs and rely on radio for your music, do you know what you'll hear? "Blurred Lines," "Mirrors," and "Get Lucky," in an endless loop. (Those songs are all over the channels that aren't playing the awesome classic rock.) "Blurred Lines" is definitely the most infuriating of earworms amongst these Songs Of The Summer, for a number of reasons:

1) Robin Thicke is almost definitely a douchebag.
2) The song isn't even good, not even by Shitty Summer Song Standards—all it has is lyrics that rhyme, TI, and a beat by Pharrell!
3) The video is really, epically bad. Where's Robin Thicke's dad's Growing Pains money? He should give some to his son to make a less terrible video. Our own Chris Robbins has dubbed it: "The Only Video Shot Entirely In The Hollister Stock Room."

So thankfully someone has come along to at least remedy the video aspect of our National "Blurred Lines" Nightmare, by adding some Cosby: