Nominate your favorite blogs for a Bloggie or four at 2004.Bloggies.com. Categories range from best Canadian weblog (really?), to best article or essay about weblogs. We have favorites for best photography of a weblog, best computers or technology weblog and other categories (just look at our blogroll), and we're sure you do, too. So show some love for the sites you read day after the day, hour after hour, refreshing to your heart's content. Read the rules, though, before you rush to nominate Kottke for the lifetime achievement award (he's won it before and therefore ineligible)

And Gothamist would be remiss if we didn't say we launched on February 16, 2003 and are, technically, a group blog, even if Justin's, Hilton's, and Jake's posts are a little more sporadic...okay, fine, Jen bullies them into not posting. But still.