For days, we were warned by Mayor Bloomberg, city officials, and hysterical weathermen that Hurricane Sandy/Frankenstorm was going to be an intense, serious storm that would cause massive amounts of damage and endanger lives. And yet, some people decided it would be the perfect time to try out their new jet ski in a flooded NJ town, or catch a few waves at the Rockaways, or just pose for photos on the boardwalk. We've compiled a list of our favorite videos of some of these nincompoops furiously grabbing for a few moments of internet fame below (with a h/t to Daily Intel).

The NY Harbor jet skier:

This Brooklyn man thought Sandy would be a perfect time to fly a kite:

Three bros started doing jumping jacks in the background on this Atlantic City news report right when the newscaster noted officials want "everybody who doesn't have a reason to be outside to be inside their homes:"

This Long Islander wanted to get one more ride on his motorcycle:

This idiot decided to climb up scaffolding when the storm started. "This is not the goal any parent has for their children," the video taker rightfully says:

Some Virginians decided to photobomb this newscast "Gangnam Style:"

What better time to throw knives in the air than during a hurricane:

Coco decided this was a perfect time to show off her impressive décolletage...once again:

All due respect to the inimitable Joey Boots, but he just couldn't help himself with this one:

Finally, yes, some idiots filmed their music video in the Rockaways: