Earlier this week it came as a great shock to me that not everyone at Gothamist HQ knew about vital and unifying pop culture moments that played out on MTV, such as Courtney Love's encounter with Madonna at the 1995 VMAs. It set standards for feuding in the spotlight! And then in 1999, paving the way for the likes of Kanye, our very own John Del Signore crashed the stage as the Backstreet Boys were accepting their Viewers' Choice Moonman award.

Know your history, young people—I was not alive in 1969 when Alice Cooper massacred a chicken, but I knew about it, somehow, without even having the entire internet to educate me.

It's unsurprising, however, that MTV is more important to Gen Xers than the Millennial generation, as the channel itself was more important in its earlier decades—if we wanted to see our favorite acts on the screen, that was the only screen available. Secondly, MTV's programming was better then, which is probably why they are trying to tap back into that era for present-day success.

In an effort to educate and bask briefly in some nostalgia—and ahead of their return to New York this weekend—here are the best moments from when the MTV VMAs were hosted in NYC. To be a completist about it, I've included every time they were hosted here, but really nothing truly spectacular happened after Britney and her snake brought the house down in 2001.

Madonna & The First VMAs @ Radio City Music Hall (1984)

Michael Jackson & Lisa Marie Presley @ Radio City Music Hall (1994)

Madonna & Courtney Love @ Radio City Music Hall (1995)

Liam & Potato @ Radio City Music Hall (1996)

Fiona Apple & This Bullshit World @ Radio City Music Hall (1997)

Puff Daddy & Sting & Faith Evans @ Radio City Music Hall (1997)

Gothamist Editor-in-Chief John Del Signore & The Backstreet Boys @ Metropolitan Opera House (1999) (read all about it)

Diana Ross & Lil Kim's Boob @ Metropolitan Opera House (1999)

Eminem & 100 Slim Shadys @ Radio City Music Hall (2000)

Britney & Her Snake @ Metropolitan Opera House (2001)

Axl Rose & New Guns @ Radio City Music Hall (2002)

Madonna & Britney & Christina & Miss @ Radio City Music Hall (2003)

The VMAs & Ratings @ Radio City Music Hall (2006)
Nothing really happened this year and ratings were bad, but everyone can enjoy a medley from Justin Timberlake:

Kanye & Taylor Swift @ Radio City Music Hall (2009)

Miley Cyrus & Robin Thicke @ Barclays Center (2013)

The VMAs return to NYC this weekend, making their first stop ever at Madison Square Garden.