Halloween is next week—and Halloween Adult Parties Weekend is already upon us—but not everyone in the United States of America can dress up as Eleven from Stranger Things (though surely they will try). If you're someone who is dreading the day because you haven't put any thought or time into coming up with a costume yet, we have some suggestions for last minute lazy Halloween costumes that you can throw together mostly using things you likely have lying around your apartment.

Above you can scroll through to see some of the competently clever and/or minimalist and/or sufficiently recognizable costumes New Yorkers have come up with in recent years. It's a pain in the ass, but you might need to stop by the grocery store for some tape, glue, cardboard or food coloring to pull some of these off. Though if you happen to have access to a considerable amount of cardboard and some black paint, Astor Place Cube Man remains one of the all-time great budget NYC costumes.

Some general advice: if you have a job with a uniform (firefighter, nurse, dude who twirls banana cut-outs in a monkey suit trying to get people to try Subway's latest sandwich), lean into it! Use what you have, add some fake blood or cobwebs or zombie makeup, and voila, you are Halloween-ready. Or look around your apartment for all the weird freebies, collectors items and corporate tchotchkes you've retained for God knows what reason. That dumb Netflix shirt your roommate brought home could be one part of a "Netflix & Chill" theme; you can build a whole costume around that promotional apron you've had lying around. And when in doubt, here is the greatest Halloween costume hack: attach, somehow, a bunch of your weirdest stuff on yourself, and go as "My Apartment" or "A Terrifying Glimpse Into My Personality."

And one other suggestion from photographer Sai Mokhtari, who took all the photos up above and has become something of a Halloween costume connoisseur (my words, not hers): embrace wordplay! A standout costume (we sadly couldn't find the photo) was the "Chicken Cord-On-Blue" guy who wore denim and tied a rubber chicken to himself with an electric cord. Simple, clever, cheap!