Christmas isn't just about surfing and rat sandwiches and new Radiohead songs—it's also the most wonderful time of year to voyeuristically look up YouTube videos of other people playing with their stupid, beautiful pets. So here's one more chance to soak up the holiday spirit before we close the door on 2015: below, check out a bunch of videos of animals ripping apart presents, surprising children, and generally being loving dummies.

First up: a demon emerges to spread Christmas cheer:

You can trap Gucci's body, but you can never encase his soul:

It's good to know someone is enjoying snow somewhere in America:

Did you go to the dog run yesterday? If not, here's what you missed:

Turning your pup into a Wes Anderson character could be considered animal abuse:

This poor dog got stitches on Christmas Eve and can barely stay awake:

Sadie dressed up like an elf for the occasion:

This dog is very impatient:

This dog loves his present so much, he sings to it:

This looks like a nightmare:

Maybe don't give your dog anything that could explode:

Somebody please save this poor pup:

And now for some holiday classics, starting with our old pal Buddy:

In Tokyo, Santa is a skateboarding dog:

For some dogs, Christmas is war:

And now, a trifecta of people losing their shit:

There truly are countless Christmas puppy surprises:

Last but not least, the chillest Christmas cats in the world:

Only 364 more days until next Christmas!