0908beacon.jpgThe Beacon Theater, which went dark last month for restorations, gets The NY Times treatment today as the "Carnegie Hall of rock rooms." The Times looks at the venue's past (it nearly became a grocery store in the 70s) and 78 years of neglect. But after the 6-month, $15M facelift (to be complete in February '09), will the vibe still be in tact? Gregg Allman commented, saying it “has a great vibe, it’s not either a coliseum or a club," but he went on to note that "you didn’t want the house lights all the way up, given those cobwebs with the big hunks of dust." Will the legions of hippies who flock to the UWS venue for the Allman Brothers, and various jam bands, feel at home with a clean, refurbished interior--or will they not even notice the changes?