The Tribeca Film Festival is coming up fairly soon (April 25th to May 7th). We'll be covering the fest - from films to panels, but in the meantime, we just received this important news from a press release:

Music fans won’t want to miss Alexandra Patsavas, The O.C. music supervisor and founder of Chop Shop, and The O.C. creator, Josh Schwartz as they discuss the growing phenomenon of breaking new bands through television and film.

2006_03_arts_baitshop.jpgAren't bands broken through blogs? Anyway, this discussion will be held on May 5th as a part of the Festival. We suggest if you're in a band you stand outside the venue and throw your cd's at Patsavas and Schwartz as they walk in. This will surely get you a spot at the Bait Shop. We know you want it, don't deny it. At our last count, only 4 of 23 bands asked in our band interview stated they would not play at the OC's faux indie rock venue. And if it's good enough for the Walkmen [at right] it's good enough for you.