Yesterday we announced details about the afterparty, and now we're gonna tell you about the "beforeparty" thrown by Austinist and Gothamist, subtitled: "Gonna Gonna Get, Get Down!".

This free day party we're throwing is on Wednesday March 15th, from Noon-11pm at Austin's newest indie/hipster joint, Red 7.

We'll have DJ sets indoors (until 5pm) and between bands outside (all day), by northKorean, Car Stereo (Wars!), DJ Escapeest, Preston Craig and some special others to be announced.

There will be TEN HOURS of live music provided by the following bands that we love:

(1pm) Dawn Landes[Myspace] [Website] [SXSW Artist Page]

(2pm) The Brokedown (Los Angeles) [Myspace] [Website] [SXSW Artist Page]

(3pm) Snowden (Atlanta) [Myspace] [Website] [SXSW Artist Page]

(4pm) Bravo Silva (New York City) [Myspace] [Website] [SXSW Artist Page]

(5pm) Levy (New York City) [Myspace] [Website] [SXSW Artist Page]

(6pm) The Ark (Malmo, Sweden) [Myspace] [Website] [SXSW Artist Page]

(7pm) Asobi Seksu (New York City) [Myspace] [Website] [SXSW Artist Page]

(8pm) Super Special Guests! (Brooklyn)

(9pm) Super Special Guests! (Toronto)

(10pm) GHOSTLAND OBSERVATORY (Austin) [Myspace] [Website]

And what's a party without gift bags?! We'll have some of those to hand out too. Plus extra spots on the evening's afterparty guestlist that we'll be giving away to the first 50 or so people to show up.

Gothamist will have just flown in to Austin earlier that morning and we're totally up for the challenge we've given ourselves of watching 14 bands 14 hours (10 bands at the day party, 4 at the afterparty). See you there (bring us caffeine)!